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tv   The Five  FOX News  August 5, 2017 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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>>hello, everybody. i'm jesse wate watters. >> today our attorney general and director of national intelligence puts the culprit jeopardizing our national security on notice. >> we will investigate and seek to bring criminals to justice. we will now allow rogue
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anonymous sources to sell out our country. if you improperly disclose classified information, we will find you. we will investigate you. we will prosecute you to the fullest extent of the law and you will not be happy with the result. >> jeff sessions says his justice department is pursuing three times as many leek investigations under president trump than were open at the end of the obama era. a staggering number. >> jesse, they're not talking about the palace intrigue leaks. those may be childish but not necessarily illegal. instead they're talking about leaks of classified information that may be illegal. jeff sessions, under pressure from the president to get tough,
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revealed -- the officials left the door open today to find out who their sources are. and why the administration stops short of saying journalists will be prosecutors, they warned that leakers will go to prison. >> the department of justice is open for business. and i have this warning for would-be leakers. don't do it. >> most importantly, as i have previously noted, these unauthorized disclosures -- >>general john kelly, as he institutes military-style discipline around here. kelly's ordered the doors to the oval office closed to cut off
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random drop ins. now when he and other cabinet are on the phone with the president, kelly's on the line too to make sure he knows what's happening. when kelly joined the president on air force one, kelly slipped into the press cabin for an off the record with reporters. in the last few moments, the new york times now reporting that mueller has asked the white house for records. mueller wants details about whether he was paid by the turkish government for lobbying, something that wasn't fully disclosed. this is the first time we know of that they have asked for a record for the white house. these leaks are not stopping
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>> so gutfeld, the leaks have exploded. you heard him say that, three times as many. why do you think that is? is it because people are trying to hurt the president or do you think people are actually trying to take out the president? >> i believe the people in the media will try to portray the leaks as some kind of patriotic endeavor, that i am trying to save the country from a deranged president. it's pure sour grapes and bitterness over the election. somebody is gone now but hold on to things. how do you crack down on leaks at the present stage? i had a boss who would tell each person on the staff a different story and see what story ended up in the press. and then he would fire that person >> you know who else did that?
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j-lo. there were so many stories out there. she assumed that it was one person from her beauty team. and she planted a fake story. it came out. she knew exactly who it was. and that's how you do it. >> trump has to tell about 150 stories to different people and each detail slightly different >> okay. that sounds like a great strategy. so, jeff sessions, let's listen to what he said about maybe cracking down of the media. roll the tape. >> one of the things we are doing is reviewing policies affecting media subpoenas. we respect the important role that the press plays and we'll give them respect. but it is not unlimited. they cannot place lives at risk with impunity. we must balance the press's role with protecting our national security and the lives of those who serve in the intelligence community, the armed forces, and all law-abiding americans.
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>> and there's been moments in the past where journalists have gone to prison to protect the identity of their sources. >> actually, looking back on it, none of that ever was necessary and it shouldn't have happened. but it did happen. the transcript that is leaked from six months ago, that seemed petty and spiteful. when the new york times was asked by the president of the united states not to reveal information about the fact that the united states was holding mohammed. they didn't listen to the president. they went forward. it actually blew up. this started the torture debate, all these things. and so looking at it from the new york times' pov, i disagreed
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with it. but reporters are not the leakers. they're not the ones that are commiting the crime. the crime is from the people who swore an oath to protect the information. so i don't think that the justice department will actually change this policy. i think they said this but it actually won't come to anything. i was thinking about greg yesterday, i don't they'll change it. >> and in my judgment, the media and the democratic party enjoy it. >> they didn't like it under obama. but what president obama did to journalist -- what's happening now, you can trace right back to the obama administration. >> that's right. let's hear what maxine waters
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had to say. >> they're confidential. this threatens national security. >> unfortunately, this is his problem. he is in a white house where he's got people working for him that don't believe in him and don't like what he's doing and they're trying to tell the american public something. >> she said she support it is criminal leaking of national security information. >> no, she did it. >> yes, she did. >> that's not what she said. no, no, no. there are three times more investigations under the trump administration into leaks. >> there's been a leak every day. >> that's fine. but what you said was wrong. it's not the quantity of the leaks. it's the quantity of the investigation. so let me just tell you, i find this whole thing a big distraction. greg says the media's going to say they're involved in patriotic activity letting
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people know. it is patriotic. it's something the founding fathers believe in. press freedoms and press protections are first amendment. number one, they prefer that we know what our government is doing rather than having the government doing things without public knowledge. we can't be informed citizens unless we the people know what's going on. >> hang on. let me finish this point, because i feel so passionately about this, jesse. >> there is a different >> between what? >> a whistle-blower and a leaker. >> president trump is mad at everybody who is leaking stories. and guess what. this is what jeff sessions is doing now. jeff sessions has marching orders from president trump. he's trying to get himself back in good with the president by putting on this dog and pony show. what was it when republicans
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were so upset with the obama administration for doing things like going off james rosen. i've been subpoenaed when i was at the washington post and threatened with jail. so, oh, is that what you guys really believe in all the sudden that reporters are supposed to be toss in the jail. >> i don't think the reporters are a priority >> i think you're right. and i think they can both be right in that, yes, there is something sacred about press freedoms in this country buchlt it's also a question of supply and demand. and we shouldn't be looking at demand. we should be looking at the supply. and that is what they have to address. they have to ask themselves why are there so many leaks, who is leaking, and what can we do about it? and if someone is actually compromising national security
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and they have broken the law, they have to be prosecuted. there's a feeling in this country that if you are a powerful person, you are beyond reproach. that goes back to the hillary clinton investigation. deal with the supply, deal with the leakers, and then the rest -- >>this guy, jeffrey sterling, who leaked, is in jail. what's eric holder doing? he's going after the press. >> this is not about the press. it's exactly what kennedy said. the leaking in itself is an internal mutiny. it's a coo in the most cowardly sense. do it the old-fashioned way. i'm serious.
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this is baby stuff. if you want to talk about the press, which drools over this information, you're talking about reporters searching stories. they're not. they're drooling over the little grapes that are given to them, old conversations, because that is more important than the actually goings on of government, which is what the people care about. they care about this stuff. words versus deeds. i keep saying it and i'll keep saying it. they're obsessed with words >> i don't think so. >> but you're going to go back and say reporters be jailed. >> words are not deeds. >> warrantless wiretaps. and you say, "oh, is the government actually wiretapping me without a warrant?" >>yes, the government is spying on you. >> somebody leaks this. what's wrong with that, greg? >> you're deflecting. >> whistle-blowers are a critical part of keeping institution and bureaucracies
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honest. and there is a mechanism for dealing with whistle-blowers. >> you're deflecting from an absurd story from yesterday where six-month-old transcripts of conversations of world leaders were leaked. that's not heroic. give them all polygraphs. we've got to run. chicago's bracing for another violent and perhaps deadly weekend. why isn't the naacp issuing another one of its travel advisories for the south side? we
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more reliable. with technology that can update itself. and advanced fiber network infrastructure. new, more reliable equipment for your home. and a new culture built around customer service. it all adds up to our most reliable network ever. one that keeps you connected to what matters most. >>yesterday we told you about the naacp's unprecedented traveling advisory for african-americans going to missouri. surprisedly, they have an advisory for chicago. more than 400 homicides in the city so far this year. and most of the people killed, blacks are latinos. here's a closer look at the
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crisis on the south side from an up coming cbs news report. >> that's a mac 10, a semiautomatic weapon for military used. >> so why do you need guns? >> protection. it's dangerous out here. >> this south side is affiliated with the group the titanic stones. they cover their faces to conceal their identity. they actually told us they hate guns. >> i'm just doing it so i can put my family and myself in a better predicament. we are just trying to keep ourselves protected >> so, jesse, president trump has been very involved in this, saying that the mayor of chicago needs to clean it up, suggesting he would send added federal people in. he's sent 20 additional atf agents to chicago.
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he's said one tough cop could clean this up in a few days. what do you think? >> he's tolerated a lot of shootings. and if i was the naacp, i would nothing on the mayor's office and say, "how much black-on-black crime are you guys are going to tolerate?" if these were white people, would the program backseat the same? remember what happened with the surge in iraq where they went block to block and invested heavily on boots in the ground and they brought in the local population to really turn the tables and it worked. now chicago needs the same thing. a few atf agents aren't going to do the job. have them do foot patrols. get them to know the local people, throw everything at it that you can.
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and i don't know if it's honestly going to work because they've tried everything. maybe anyway that i need to give the national guard a shot. the worst part about it is the politicians because they've thrown millions of dollars at this city over the course of the years. where has the money gone? probably into their pockets. >> i was looking at the numbers today, buffalo, baltimore. the numbers aren't that different. so one of the things that strike me is -- i listen to jesse. you need a surge of law enforcement officials going in. the seeds of this problem are broken families, lack of education, lack of jobs, lack of job training and lack of character. >> but i wonder if you can't actually address those things before you have security. so n jesse example, people could actually go back into their communities, raise their
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families and have a dialogue. like these gentlemen having to carry about a mac 10 to protect yourself, you can't think five years ahead. and i just wonder, the premise of this segment is that the naacp calls for a state of emergency, or a travel advisory, excuse me, in missouri. is that a reasonable request or do you think that they should be brought into this? >> i think they should be brought into it? i wrote a book about what i think is the dysfunction among so many civil rights leaders. when i think people who are thieves and crooks in the black community, i don't understand why civil rights leaders don't stand up and say, that's not us, and make it clear.
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oftentimes, it's people saying, "i don't want to invest in a community where there's such a high crime rate." so, greg, you and i have strong disagreements about guns. and you know that the police, in trying to do what jesse was talking about, have gone and ceased guns. i think they've ceased 5,000 guns. and you just heard in that report, the bad guys say, "i really don't want guns, but i've got to have a gun because the other guy has a gun." >>that was fairly absurd, what we saw. i felt it was an attempt to portray them sympathetically. >> that's why i called them gentlemen. >> that was pretty absurd. those are murderers. let's not forget that. we keep being told that crime is going down and homicides are going down in certain places but going up in other cities. what we have to understand is there are fewer gun homicides not because of shootings but
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because surgeons in the er are way better at repairing gunshot wounds than ever before. it would be hard for me to get up in the morning to know that i was hurting "the five." if this show wasn't a hit show and i knew it was my fault, i would probably quit. i don't understand how you can be the mayor and get up in the morning and know that the biggest problem is death and you don't or can't even figure it out. you should have the nobility to just step aside and say, "maybe somebody else should take a shot at this. maybe we need fresh thinking. and maybe i should go write a book or be a contributor at cnn or something like that, because i'm letting people die. >> there's too many people
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whose lives are dependant on what you do for a living. that are are lot of corrupt union politics in chicago and illinois in general. and state is in dire straits for a number of reasons. and the whole state is so dysfunctional that they are in denial about this stuff. but they have such prohibitive gun laws in places like chicago. and research has shown that places where people can legally own and carry guns, there's less gun violence. and it seems like a paradox. no one wants people running around shooting each other, but good people are able to protect themselves and bad people get guns on the black market and hold and entire city hostage.
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>> it's not the city of chicago. this really is certain core mostly minority neighborhoods where the people are shooting. the young men involved in the drug trade are shooting each other. i don't understand why they're going to issue the advisory from missouri. you wouldn't see civil rights activists stand up and say, "we're marching against you, the drug dealers, gun dealers, and people who are shooting each other." ahead, former dnc chair, she is breaking her silence on the arrest of her former it aide. she's fired up. that's next. ♪
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>>democratic congresswoman schultz has come under scrutiny. the congresswoman has addressed the subject for the first time on tape. >> now i believe that i did the right thing and i would do it again. there are times when you can't be afraid to stand alone and you have to stand up for what's right. so it would have been much easier for me to just cut him loose and say, "i'm going to look out for my best interest rather than what i believe in." the former chair also believes he was profiled because he's muslim. the full interview is on so, jesse, i'm trying to figure out, is there something about
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this story that doesn't feel right >> the fact that the media's berb bearing it means there's something -- and the family's been accused of all sorts of crazy things. so this guy does this work. and then he gets popped for doing some shady stuff. and then everybody drops him except debbie who not only keeps paying him and he doesn't have any it access anymore, so he can't work on computers. so she keeps him around to help with the phone and the printers at the same salary. that's very suspicious. then his family flees to pakistan with a bunch of dough. he gets caught fleeing with a bunch of dough. and who represents him? a high-priced clint attor clint.
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at worst, the democrats bring in a guy that may have ended up exposing some secrets. >> the thing that is different and new today is that she added this piece that she thinks he was being targeted because of his religion >> you have basically a criminal family that has worked with top democrats, getting tons of money through shady deals. but enough about the clintons. let's talk about this story. whenever something bad happens, you see democrats will scream islam phobia. it acts as a barrier as pointing out behavior and exacting
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justice. any time you try to criticize wrongdoing, they try to find out if it's racist. if you talk about genital mutilation, if you talk about sexism or homo phobia -- >>why do you think she's waited so long to say this? if this was her answer, why do you think she waited? >> she's not very good at her job. and she's certainly not very good at responding to a crisis. and then there's that mysterious laptop that went missing. and she was clamoring for that as if there was some sort of information on there that might point to a reason why she held
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onto this guy for so long. and i love how she she trys to take the high road and say, "i am such a good person. all these other people, my colleagues, the fbi, anyone in law enforcement, they're all racist. but i'm so good and pure. i don't care if his reputation is absolute garbage and the people in his family were working for congress members for years but not actually showing up, which is why many people become libertarians. and now you're going to have not only people in conservative circles but also people who are bernie sanders supporters. >> everybody wants an answer. you have to be careful. what we've got is a bunch of sus pingses of
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suspicions. and she seems really incensed. and you think, "what's this about?" but i just want to point out, there is no evidence of any defrauding. jesse says it was defraud. no such thing. there's no national security argument or allegation here. the biggest charge, the one that the man is actually charged with, has to do with mortgage fraud, that he applied for a mortgage that is intended for your primary residents. that's why he was stopped at the airport. no matter what your political stripes, you think something's odd here. but we don't have any evidence that there's an actual crime beyond the mortgage fraud. >>ahead, a concerning new report on the impact smartphones report on the impact smartphones are having on teens.
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>>hello, and welcome back. many of us are addicted to our smartphones and it is not a good thing, particularly for the teenage generation. there is concerning new analysis that has been published in the atlantic showing teens today are more likely to be lonely and depressed than ever before. the more time they spend looking at screens the more likely they are to report suicidal symptoms. where do you stand on smartphones? >> well, the screens that i like my twins to watch are fox news channel. i don't mind that if they watch "the five." they drop and crack the screen. that's the main reason i don't let them use a phone. but it's kind of like a babysitter. it's kind of like you've failed
12:41 am
as a parent. they're only five. and if you have a five-year-old, you know what i mean. the last time i gave them a phone, they deleted all my apps. so i had to download those. but when they deleted my apps, i stopped going on instagram and facebook and it was nice. i didn't feel so depressed. >> i think this is really for parents to consider. when you hear something like this, are we becoming so distant to one another? when you see teens let a man drown, when you hear what's happening on the south side of chicago. are we so wrapped in our own bubbles, we've lost our humanity because of our electronic devices. >> these phones are not going away. we're going to be born with them. you'll just be able to look into your hand and be like, "oh, okay, i can do all my stuff on my phone right here on my hand." it's not going away. >> the nice thing is the free
12:42 am
market has allowed for more apparently contrap parental controls. the adults said i liked fishing, i liked riding my bike. and the kids are like, i like playing video games. so i think as parents, as stewards of the next generation, take your kids outside. >> i disagree with everything that's been said here. don't take them outside. then they get in anyway. i actually do disagree with a lot of this. what interesting to me is what the phones are telling us about ourselves as human beings. it's a communication device, and information device. it says that we've evolved into purely social animals. we're forgetting that these are to communicate.
12:43 am
we are craving connection with other people. we look for things, we find stories to send to our friends. we are communicating now ma th we ever have before. the phone is now our car. it's now our way to travel into other dimensions. every generation has its problems. i was lonely and depressed. bun of the prob but one of the problems is they have no problems. >> people who spend time on facebook are less happy. i didn't realize this. i thought, much like greg was saying, it's a way for friends to stay in touch and all the rest. but especially with young people, it seems to be isolating.
12:44 am
to me, when i look at the suicide rates these days going way up for girls, i think it's a way that people are bullied, intimidated. we just did a story here i think it was two nights ago about a girl who was found guilty and then sentenced for encouraging her boyfriend to commit suicide over a cell phone. >> yeah. >> it's not about technology. >> speaking of fun technology, technology is great. i love my robot who are these people?
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the energy conscious people among us say small actions can add up to something... humongous. a little thing here. a little thing there. starts to feel like a badge maybe millions can wear. who are all these caretakers, advocates too?
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>>facebook friday. let's begin. this is from larry s. i'm going to go to you first, dana. if everyone on the panel was to write a book about their time on the show, what would be the name of their book, besides "the five"? >> what happened? get it? >> no, i don't. >> that's his new book. >> that went right over my head. >> nicely done, jesse. >> all right, juan. i have juan's title, but go
12:49 am
ahead. guess what. >> check it out. >> check it out. guess what. >> this has been a problem my whole life. so i was thinking about it. how about "talking dead"? "the talking dead." how about that? i could call the show "the deplorable deplorables." >>i might call it "four months." i don't know. >> the shortest book ever written. >> "profiles in courage." >>that would be ghostwritten. and then you can get it in bulk sales. i would call it "the one." because without me, what would it be? i'm kidding. i would call it "the ten" because for every one of us, there was someone else. >> that's right. we're all replaceable.
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>> yep. all right. this is from dana k. this is a great -- i'm going to start with you, kennedy, because i know you're going to love this question. what is your favorite breakfast cereal? >> pre-celiac, it was crunch berry. >> captain crunch does that. you can't not not love it. >> but the thing is the sugar content is out of the roof. >> they're all the same. corn syrup made that industry. >> but on the other hand i do really like cornflakes. >> interesting. >> i'm going to go cocoa
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krispies. >> i love peanut butter crunch. >> alpha bits. >> it's an interesting taste. it's like a glazed sugar. >> i also liked sugar smack, even though it smelled like a dead skunk. >> with the frog logo. >> pepe, i think it was. >> making cereal great again. >> yes, exactly. rose r. asks, "have any of you gone back for you class reunions?" jesse. >> wasn't allowed back. [laughter] >>yeah, they had a guard at the door. they were like, "sorry." no, i went back for my five year and then after that it petered out. >> kennedy. >> i went back to two of them so far.
12:52 am
and i had to take a picture because i was voted most likely to be a talk show host. >> what about you, juan? >> no, i've never gone. but i went back this year to do a speech at my high school and it would have been my 45th high school graduation. the fear is either that they're doing really well, in which case i would be jealous, or they're dead. >> they're not dpooing better than you, juan. >> you were already kind of well-known? did you go to rub their faces in it? i love my hometown, parker, colorado. >> what were you voted most likely to what? >> i don't know. sit next to jesse watters. >> i went to one class reunion. it was for traffic school though, because we got along so
12:53 am
well. it was great. we had to watch a lot of film. one more thing is up next. people would ask me in different countries that we traveled, what is your nationality and i would always answer hispanic. so when i got my ancestry dna results it was a shocker. i'm from all nations. it puts a hunger in your heart to want to know more.
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>>it's time now for one more thing. juan. >> so, jesse, this one's for you. i want to wish a happy birthday to a very special person. jesse, pay attention. happy birthday, number 44,
12:57 am
barack obama turns 56 today. this is his first birthday since leaving the oval office. this one will be a little bit more laid back. check out this lovely tweet michelle obama sent. >> and in honor of president obama's birthday, donald trump went on vacation. who do we have next? >> is it me? >> it is you. >> somebody on the prompter's is having fun. you've got to watch my show tomorrow night. it is going to be grand, 10:00 pm saturday, saturday, saturday. time for this. greg's liberty corner. even pop stars get angry when they can't get an you b uber.
12:58 am
here is seal, angry because the uber driver will not let him in. stormed off, decided he would just swim across the channel and find a better way home. lucky for him he was drunk so there was no drunk driving and he just did the right thing. bye-bye, seal. good-bye, greg. okay. can you top that one dana? >> well, i have a little bit of an update. this is something you have not seen before. there is jasper who had surgery today. so people have been asking me what the update was. i found this little spot on his lip. i was a little concerned. it was a melanoma. that had to go back and they took a little bit more and they took the lymph node as well. when you see something, say
12:59 am
something. >> looks like jasper has a popped collar. i like the look. also, a real indian who's running against elizabeth warren in the massachusetts senate race. so there you have that. kennedy. >> it turns out the trump presidency has been a boon for the cuddle industry. that's absolutely right. there are professional custody hers. and these people are certified. they have cuddle parties where you are not allowed to touch where the bikini covers. people do engage in spooning. there is lap-sitting. there is snuggling. the industry has exploded since donald trump's presidency.
1:00 am
>> it's fake. fake news. it's fake news. set your dvrs. never miss >> the president's attorney general goes after leakers, who says, undermine the trump in administration while another big jobs report, here are what experts consider full employment. this is "special report" ." good evening. welcome to washington. i'm chris wallace in for bret baier. the trump administration is back on offense tonight. i journey general jeff sessions announced a crackdown on what he called an explosion of leaks of classified information. the latest jobs report full of strong numbers. has the president taking credit. promising more to come. chief white house correspondent john robert starts us of


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